30 LR Bow Mounted Light
30 LR Bow Mounted Light

30 LR Bow Mounted Light

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-Sniper Hog Lights 30LR Bow Mounted Light

Focusable beam so you can go from a spot beam to a flood beam allowing you to put just the right amount of light on the animal without spooking them with too bright of light.
Easily mounted to your bow by screwing it in to the same place your stabilizer would go.
Interchangeable LED modules so you can change the color your light emits.
Interchangeable with our 50LR and 66LR lights. This means you can convert your 30LR light into a 50LR or 66LR light by changing out the heads. 50LR and 66LR heads not included in this package but can be ordered.
Can be mounted to a 30mm or 1inch scope or picattiny/weaver type rail with our windage and elevation adjustable mount. Windage and Elevation mount not included.
Please note that due to the fact that some bow stabilizer inserts are not perfectly straight that you might not be able to get the spot beam of the 30LR to line up perfectly with your sights. This really isn't a problem though since the 30LR has a focusable beam that you simply widen the spot beam a little and it will line up well enough to shoot 50+ yards.
This is the perfect night hunting light for hogs, bobcats, coyotes, foxes and more.
Please note that the light output from the Infrared LED module can not be seen with the human eye and you will need a night vision device to see the light output.

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